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Ars Magica adaptation to Savage Worlds

This adaptation doesn’t want to replicate the mechanics of Ars Magica. Instead it tries to use the rules of Savage Worlds as much as possible.
It could be possible to create a more faithful conversion, up to maintain the whole magic system of Ars Magica converting only its effects to Savage Worlds, but I think that would change too much the spirit of Savage Worlds.
As in Ars Magica, the adventures will occur on a yearly basis. Magi ages slowly thanks to longevity rituals, but I think that they will die earlier than their Ars Magica versions, and they will spend less time in laboratory, so the pace of adventures can be a little faster than in Ars Magica.
This document assumes you know the rules of Ars Magica.
Here it is:

Hindrances for magi (with arcane background: magic):

Edges for magi (with arcane background: magic):

Power (those with an asterisk can be taken only at character creation):

NOTE: this work is a draft, so if someone wants to leave comments or suggest something, it's appreciated. In particular, I'm dubious on the necessity to use the No power points rule, and the ability to cast powers and make enchanted items the one doesn't knows. You can use the form here, thank you.